The Vivo for Vero Range

The Vero aluminium rail system creates a true handleless kitchen for a streamlined designer look. Specified for our Vivo slab doors you can choose between
8 high gloss and 6 matt colours and make your minimalist kitchen dream come true.

Vivo for Vero Gloss I Colours in the range

Vivo for Vero Matt I Colours in the range

The Linear for Vero Range

Combine the new texture and colour options of Linear with the Vero true handleless rail system for the ultimate in contemporary styling. Linear can also be mixed with the solid colours of Vivo to stunning effect.

Linear for VeroI Colours in the range

The Lucente Range

If you want a minimalist, contemporary kitchen with a multitude of colour options then you’ve found it. The Lucente range offers a true ‘J’ pull handleless door design that results in beautiful clean lines throughout the kitchen.
The painted gloss option provides a mirror-like finish and adds the wow factor to any home.
The painted matt finish will add depth and decadence to any kitchen design. Choosing a Lucente kitchen offers you a superior and sophisticated look that will take you and your guests breath away.

Lucente Gloss I Colours in the range

Lucente Matt I Colours in the range